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enterprise culture

build china's aquaculture industry leader brand

  • enterprise vision

    to become a respected food company

  • enterprise mission

    be committed to providing consumers with
    healthy seafood

  • enterprise goal

    build a leading brand of the chinese
    aquaculture industry

  • core concept

    customer satisfaction, maximum performance
    discipline, safe jinglu

  • customer satisfaction

    staff satisfaction first

  • maximum performance

    employees working hard happily

  • good discipline

    a learning-oriented and efficient team

  • safe jinglu

    equal power of survival and safe living
    environment for employees

  • enterprise spirit

    credit, dedication, challenge, innovation

  • credit dedication

    honest and trustworthy
    passionate in one's job

  • challenge innovation

    self-defeating reforming

  • enterprise style

    loyalty, responsibility, value, equal

  • loyalty responsibility

    loyal to jinglu
    brave to shoulder responsibilities

  • value equal

    committed to creating corporate values
    equivalent in value and reward

  • conduct criteria

    diligence, thrift, respect, honesty

  • diligence, thrift, respect, honesty

    god helps those who help themselves. frugal for unadorned virtue humility and courtliness. honest and trustworthy

  • quality policy

    first-class enterprise,
    first-class products, first-class service

  • management concept

    people-oriented, harmonious and orderly,honest and